Slann Island Plantation
Preview of Sale Horses

Hip No. 1
- Gray Max - (APHA) 97 bl.rn.ov.g. (Cinemax x Mississippi Jig (TB) Wild-colored, broke to ride.

Hip No. 2
- The Cabernet Kid - (APHA) 99 rd.rn.ov.s. (Cinemax x Mississippi Jig (TB) Out of 17 hand TB mare.

Hip No. 3
- SI This Kiss - (APHA) 99 blk.m. (Cinemax x Miss Lucky Charm) Fancy, sweet and pretty.

Hip No. 4
- SI Red Hot Button - (APHA) 99 s.m. (Cinemax x Charge War A Button) Sweet and pretty.

Hip No. 5
- Cinemax Reflection - (APHA) 97 blk.ov.s. (Cinemax x Sweets Dinero (QH) Earner of 2 open Barrel Racing points - shown at the World.

Hip No. 6
- Boston Elegance - (AQHA) 78 blk.m. (Boston Mac x Truly Impressive) Sells open with a discounted breeding to KING WADE BUX.

Hip No. 7
- Southern Masterpiece - (ApHC) 98 dk.b./br.s. (Ulrichs Jasper x Ulrich’s Jewel II) “Most colorful” leopard, show and breeding prospect.

Hip No. 8
- Rhapsody In Gold - (ApHC) 98 bkn.s. (Ulrichs Jasper x Randy’s Rhapsody) Tall and elegant.

Hip No. 9
- Jaspers Starry Night - (ApHC) 99 b.m. (Ulrichs Jasper x Pilot Chick (QH)) Solid bay.

Hip No. 10
- Easy Joker Jill - (ApHC) 92 dn.m. (Apt To Be Easy x Equals Joker Jill) Bred to ULRICH’S JASPER. Color producer.

Hip No. 11
- Master Jasper - (ApHC) 99 b.s. (Ulrichs Jasper x Mighty Bars To) Show horse and stallion potential.

Hip No. 12
- Chocolate Jazz - (ApHC) 99 b.s. (Ulrichs Jasper x Texas Rosalie) Sweet and gentle.

Hip No. 13
- Jasperillow - (ApHC) 99 blk.s. (Ulrichs Jasper x Willowjet) Quick and athletic.

Hip No. 14
- Zippos Claret - (APHA) 99 s.s. (Bos Debit x Senators Zippo Gal (QH)) Handsome.

Hip No. 15
- Debits Romeo - (APHA) 99 s.s. (Bos Debit x Turners Sweetheart (QH)) Pretty and athletic.

Hip No. 16
- Red Rampage - (APHA) 99 rd.dn.s. (Bos Debit x Zeros Last (QH)) Will be a great family riding horse.

Hip No. 17
- Debits Encore - (APHA) 99 s.s. (Bos Debit x Miss Nevada Alibi (QH)) Tall, athletic and correct.

Hip No. 18
- Zeros Last - (AQHA) 80 s.m. (Easy Request x Hillcrest’s Zero) Bred to BOS DEBIT. Color producer.

Hip No. 19
- Early Play - (AQHA) 83 s.m. (Kamm Road x Moll Heart) Bred to BOS DEBIT.

Hip No. 20
- Sonnys Red Glare - (APHA) 99 s.ov.s. (Lota Sonny Dee x Go Go Rocket) Show and stallion prospect.

Hip No. 21
- Sonnysoutherngrit - (APHA) 99 p.tob.s. (Lota Sonny Dee x Gritty Gal) Wild-colored and gentle.

Hip No. 22
- Chica Del Sol - (APHA) 99 ch.m. (Lota Sonny Dee x Bonita Deagua) Gentle and friendly.

Hip No. 23
- SI Sonnys Satin Doll - (APHA) 99 p.tob.m. (Lota Sonny Dee x Ima Satin Sky) Excellent show horse prospect.

Hip No. 24
- Sonny Safron Doll - (APHA) 99 p.tob.ov.m. (Lota Sonny Dee x Lil Lady Deck) Tall and elegant.

Hip No. 25
- Lil Lady Deck - (APHA) 86 s.ov.m. (Bar The Way x Lil Sports Deck (QH)) Sells open with discounted breeding to LOTA SONNY DEE. Color producer.

Hip No. 26
- King Di Maggio - (AQHA) 99 blk.s. (King Wade Bux x Ramblin Okie) Awesome and tall.

Hip No. 27
- Kings Black Lace - (AQHA) 99 blk.m. (King Wade Bux x Exalters Black Lace) Sweet and gentle.

Hip No. 28
- SI Kings Wildfire - (AQHA) 99 blk.s. (King Wade Bux x Three Stars Flame) Double registered AQHA and Foundation Quarter Horse Registry.

Hip No. 29
- What A Cherie - (TB) 80 dk.b./br.m. (What Luck x Armentiere’s ) Bred to KING WADE BUX. Black producer.

Hip No. 30
- Tax Deadline - (TB) 89 gr.m. (Wesson Native x Pale Sock) Bred to KING WADE BUX.

Hip No. 31
- SI Skipa Star Gold - (AQHA) 97 p.s. (Real Reason x Rail A Rascal) AQHA I.F. Started under saddle. AQHA & PHBA registered.

Hip No. 32
- Private Kitty - (AQHA) 82 s.m. (Private Blend x Zippo’s Kitty) Sells open with a discounted breeding to SPANISH COMADORE or JB BRIGHT ZIPPER.

Hip No. 33 - Kid Carolina - (AQHA) 99 b.s. (Rip Roarin Rawhide x Pretty Skippy) True foundation breeding - 93.75%.

Hip No. 34
- Bayberry Command - (AQHA) 99 b.m. (Rip Roarin Rawhide x Berry Berry Hickory) Performance bred - 94% FQHR.

Hip No. 35
- Yellow Rose Of Carolina - (APHA) 99 crem.m. (Rip Roarin Rawhide (QH) x Sizzlin Pride (QH)) Homozygous for palomino or buckskin.

Hip No. 36
- Cutter San Doc - (AQHA) 86 b.m. (Dry Doc Junior x Sylvia San Peppy) Sells bred to RIP ROARIN RAWHIDE. Proven producer.

Hip No. 37
- Dun Bar Starbuck - (APHA) 99 dn.tob.s. (Dun Bar Doc x Leota Eternal Bars) Tested Homozygous by UC Davis.

Hip No. 38
- Dixieland Heat - (APHA) 98 bkn.tob.s. (Dun Bar Doc x Nashua Heiress) Out of ROM Western Pleasure mare - he’s a keeper.

Hip No. 39
- Dun Bar Spirit - (APHA) 99 s.s. (Dun Bar Doc x Tami Win Twister (QH)) Tall and handsome.

Hip No. 40
- Dun Bar Chardonnay - (APHA) 99 b.s. (Dun Bar Doc x Snipes Own Chick (QH)) Bred to cut.

Hip No. 41
- Ole Copper Glow - (AQHA) 79 ch.m. (Ole Copper Bar x Que Bra Denyse) Sells open with discounted breeding to KING WADE BUX or DUN BAR DOC.

Hip No. 42
- Little Papoose - (APHA) 84 bkn.ov.m. (Rodeo Blues x Miss Papoose 88 (QH)) Sells open with a discount breeding to DUN BAR DOC, Reserve World Champion.

Hip No. 43
- SI Mellow Yellow - (AQHA) 99 p.s. (Super Noble Who x Desperato Sunset) Double registered AQHA and PHBA.

Hip No. 44
- SI Titans Tradition - (APHA) 98 s.ov.s. (Super Noble Who (QH) x Elegant Titan) Bred to show.

Hip No. 45
- SI Golden Tradition - (AQHA) 97 p.s. (Super Noble Who x Thermos Foxy Sock) Double registered AQHA & PHBA. Broke and ready to show. Halter
Futurity Winner.

Hip No. 46
- Sissy Lady Reed - (AQHA) 82 gr.m. (Sonny Dee Bonanza x Roan Lady Reed) Bred to SPANISH ARRAYED.

Hip No. 47
- Sun Frost Cinemax - (APHA) 99 blk.ov.s. (Cinemax x MJ Chancy (QH)) Wild-colored show prospect.

Hip No. 48
- Cinemax Black Diamond - (APHA) 99 blk.s. (Cinemax x Black Gem Lady (QH)) Sweet, muscular and foundation bred.

Hip No. 49
- Maxs Crowning Glory - (APHA) 99 s.ov.s. (Cinemax x EE Mighty Chunky) Put your sunglasses on! Full brother to Futurity winner.

Hip No. 50
- Boston Max - (APHA) 97 blk.ov.s. (Cinemax x Macks Boston Belle (QH)) AQHA Champion prospect. Wild-colored.

Hip No. 51
- Desert Intrigue - (TB) 83 b.m. (Arabian Spy x Ada Dina) Bred to CLIMAX. Color producer.

Hip No. 52
- SI Dragon Fly - (ApHC) 99 rd.rn.m. (Ulrichs Jasper x Water Spider) Flashy leopard, speedy.

Hip No. 53
- Prince Jasper - (ApHC) 99 b.s. (Ulrichs Jasper x ZZs Princess Paula) Wild colored - 97% foundation bred. Everyone’s favorite.

Hip No. 54
- Black Ransom - (ApHC) 99 bl.rn.s. (Ulrichs Jasper x Go Spot Go) Wild-colored and sweet.

Hip No. 55
- Jaspers Afterglow - (ApHC) 99 b.m. (Ulrichs Jasper x Ulrich Tiger Rose) Elegant, 93% foundation Appaloosa breeding.

Hip No. 56
- Southern Rhapsody - (ApHC) 99 b.s. (Ulrichs Jasper x Randy’s Rhapsody) Flashy leopard, tall.

Hip No. 57
- Tunesia - (Cleveland Bay) 7yo b.m. (Unknown x Unknown) Excellent riding horse, can jump 5 feet.

Hip No. 58
- SI The Sandman - (APHA) 99 s.tob.ov.s. (Clusive Nightmare x Jewels Button) Wild-colored athlete.

Hip No. 59
- Obsidian Dreams - (APHA) 99 blk.tob.s. (Clusive Nightmare x Sugar Lissie Bar) Breath-taking show prospect.

Hip No. 60
- Dun Bar Sensation - (APHA) 98 b.tob.s. (Dun Bar Doc x Stormy Ginger) Attention Reiners, Cutter and Cowboys!

Hip No. 61
- Dun Bar Jordan - (APHA) 98 dn.ov.s. (Dun Bar Doc x Sparkey) Friendly and well mannered.

Hip No. 62
- Dun Bar Dazzle - (APHA) 99 s.s. (Dun Bar Doc x Two Wild Skys) Gentle and athletic.

Hip No. 63
- Deep South - (APHA) 98 bkn.tob.s. (Dun Bar Doc x Nitas Honey Bar (QH)) Awesome cutting potential.

Hip No. 64
- Spun From Sunshine - (APHA) 99 rd.dn.m. (Dun Bar Doc x Miss Peppy Doll) Stocky and pretty.

Hip No. 65
- Rip Roarin Ruset - (AQHA) 99 b.s. (Rip Roarin Rawhide x Miss Caper Dude) 94% Foundation bred, out of a granddaughter of Blondys Dude.

Hip No. 66
- Three Stars Flame - (AQHA) 86 blk.m. (Mr Three Stars x Immortal Flame) Sells open with discounted breeding to KING WADE BUX.

Hip No. 67
- SI Rawhide King - (AQHA) 99 rd.dn.s. (Rip Roarin Rawhide x Tars) Stunning, 95% foundation bred.

Hip No. 68
- Imperial Tradition - (APHA) 99 s.s. (Super Noble Who (QH) x Elegant Titan) Bred to halter.

Hip No. 69
- Carmine Tradition - (APHA) 99 rd.rn.ov.s. (Super Noble Who (QH) x Barbs Passum Up) True show ring potential.

Hip No. 70
- Crimson Tradition - (AQHA) 99 s.s. (Super Noble Who x Thermos Foxy Sock) Full brother to GOLDEN TRADITION.

Hip No. 71
- Red Rock Dee Bar - (APHA) 99 s.ov.s. (Lota Sonny Dee x Social Linda (QH)) Out of half-sister to WEE BEE ZIPPIN (Superior Western Pleasure) and COFFEMATES COWBOY (Superior Western Pleasure).

Hip No. 72
- Turners Sweetheart - (AQHA) 85 s.m. (Lucky McCue Bars x Miss Top Burke) Bred to SPANISH COMADORE.

Hip No. 73
- Lota Special Dee - (APHA) 98 s.tob.m. (Lota Sonny Dee x Chaquita Special) Double-bred Sonny Dee Bar!

Hip No. 74
- Chaquita Special - (APHA) 87 s.m. (The Special Dee (QH) x Chiquita Luv (QH)) Bred to LOTTA SONNY DEE. Color producer.

Hip No. 75
- Sonnys Golden Sky - (APHA) 99 p.tob.s. (Lota Sonny Dee x Joes Party Bar) Completely gentle.

Hip No. 76
- Biddys Rose - (APHA) 85 ch.ov.m. (Sessions Bid Boy (QH) x Squaw Rockets (QH)) Bred to Lotta Sonny Dee. Color producer.

Hip No. 77
- SI Moonlight Sonata - (APHA) 99 blk.ov.m. (Cinemax x Maggie Joe Steel (QH)) Drop dead gorgeous show prospect.

Hip No. 78
- Maxs Persimmon - (APHA) 99 s.m. (Cinemax x Jodie Zee (QH)) Very gentle.

Hip No. 79
- Cinemax Gold - (APHA) 96 p.ov.s. (Cinemax x Powder River 209 (QH)) Extremely fancy show horse prospect now in training.

Hip No. 80
- Maxs Scarlet Sunset - (APHA) 97 ch.s. (Cinemax x Desperato Sunset (QH)) Started under saddle.

Hip No. 81
- Strawberry Ice - (APHA) 99 rd.rn.ov.m. (Cinemax x Evening Edition (QH)) Full sister to CLIMAX, ROM in Trail.

Hip No. 82
- SI Magic Moment - (APHA) 99 s.ov.m. (Bootskootin Joe x Miss Snazzy Ruby) Serious overo genetics.

Hip No. 83
- SI Kings Grant - (AQHA) 99 blk.s. (King Wade Bux x Cognac Miss) Black and elegant.

Hip No. 84
- Kings Caramel - (AQHA) 99 b.m. (King Wade Bux x Devons Tardy Too) AQHA and Foundation Quarter Horse registered.

Hip No. 85
- King Sugar Daddy - (AQHA) 99 blk.s. (King Wade Bux x Sugar Ima Bar) Double registered AQHA and Foundation Quarter Horse Registry - 87.5%.

Hip No. 86
- SI Prince Of Tides - (AQHA) 99 blk.s. (King Wade Bux x Miss Badger Bux) Foundation bred - 79.6%.

Hip No. 87
- Ray Fifty Nine - (AQHA) 95 dn.m. (Mr Skipa Bee x Dees Carmel Lady) Sells open with a discounted breeding to RAIL A BAR BURR.

Hip No. 88
- Dun Bar Peppy - (APHA) 99 b.tob.s. (Dun Bar Doc x Peppys Madrecita (QH)) Drop dead gorgeous - his daddy’s finest.

Hip No. 89
- Dun Bar Ruby - (APHA) 99 s.m. (Dun Bar Doc x Docs Vada Lady (QH)) Imprinted and very cowy.

Hip No. 90
- Dun Bar Onyx - (APHA) 99 blk.m. (Dun Bar Doc x Docs Annie April (QH)) Awesome cutting pedigree. Full brother is now being shown.

Hip No. 91
- MJ Chancy - (AQHA) 86 gr.m. (Impress The Doc x MJ Miss Taos) Sells open with discounted breeding to CINEMAX, SUPER NOBLE WHO or SPANISH
ARRAYED. Color producer.

Hip No. 92
- Tami Win Twister - (AQHA) 88 s.m. (Prince Charger Bar x Please Win) Bred to SPANISH COMADORE. Proven color producer.

Hip No. 93
- Maxs First Frost - (APHA) 98 gr.s. (Cinemax x Snipes Own Chick (QH)) Ideal family riding horse prospect.

Hip No. 94
- Zee Max - (APHA) 98 b.s. (Cinemax x Jodie Zee (QH)) Good minded and good bodied.

Hip No. 95
- SI Dreama Littledream - (APHA) 99 blk.ov.m. (Cinemax x Dream Ofme) Gorgeous and flashy.

Hip No. 96
- Cinemax Killian - (APHA) 99 s.s. (Cinemax x JA Spicy Queen (QH)) Excellent riding horse prospect.

Hip No. 97
- Cinnamon Max - (APHA) 99 b.ov.m. (Cinemax x April Sure Bar (QH)) Wild-colored and fancy.

Hip No. 98
- Cinemaxs Rose - (APHA) 95 s.m. (Cinemax x MSP Cant Touch This (QH)) Ride her, show her or breed her.

Hip No. 99
- Max’s Tourmaline - (APHA) 99 b.m. (Cinemax x Miss Heidi He) Correct broodmare prospect.

Hip No. 100
- Mr Redmaxx - (APHA) 99 s.s. (Cinemax x Bancita Blue (QH)) Tall and correct.

Hip No. 101
- Cinemax Tiara - (APHA) 99 blk.m. (Cinemax x Ciara (QH)) Stout and sweet.

Hip No. 102
- Black Powder Max - (APHA) 98 blk.s. (Cinemax x Powder River 209 (QH)) Solid black, sweet.

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