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The best marketing tool you can use!

Contrary to popular belief, Auctions are not just distress sales or last resort actions. The highest priced thoroughbred race horses, art and collector's cars are sold at Auction. Why? Because savvy sellers don't want to leave any money on the table and appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of the auction market.
Now, give this some thought ...

The Better Your Horse Is, The More It Belongs In
A High Profile Auction.

That's right. An Auction will put more money in your pocket in less time. Auction's don't always work miracles, but they can.

Why should you sell your BEST horse at a
Professional Auction Services Auction?

To be sure to get the MOST money!
It gives you a phenomenal opportunity to offer your best horse to some of the best buyers in the COUNTRY, form all over the COUNTRY. Choose this marketing tool and you can be sure that...

Have you ever had someone pay you more
than you were asking for a horse at your farm?
In the past year, we have broken the record auction prices for Halter/Pleasure Horses:

Flashy Zipper
This Misters A Lady
Zippin Bonanza Flash
Exquisite Invitation

In the 1996 World Sale alone we sold 75 horses for $10,000 or more.
The Top Ten Sellers sold for an average price of over $42,600!! The Top 100 horses sold for an average of $15,850.

What do all of these examples have in common? Two things, selling a quality "product" and using professionally managed Auctions.
Why? Because auctions set up competitive situations that pit buyer against buyer, driving prices higher.

This is a fact. The more desirable the item you are selling,
the better the results.

There is a deep, fundamental, psychological difference between a private sale and a sale at auction. The psychology of a private sale is: "What is the least I can give and still buy the horse." Isn't every potential buyer you talk to trying to "horse trade" you down on the price?

The psychology of an Auction is: "What is the highest price I am willing to pay to buy it?" Every buyer is thinking about their upper limit. "How much more can I give?" They are not thinking about trying to get your price down, but theirs up!

It's Easy.

And we are here to help you every step of the way. Once your consignment has been accepted we will send you information that will help guide you to success at the sale.

Contact Professional Auction Services today to find out how you, too, can take full advantage of this phenomenal marketing opportunity.

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